Consumer Payment Trends – Predictions


2020 has been a tough year for offline payment in stores which also changed the consumer behavior of the payment processing. But how about 2021, what do you think is the next trend in payment gateways?
The way consumer buying patterns have changed because of Covid-19 and we are assuming that the changes will last until 2021, some noticeable, some less. It’s all chained to consumer actions and experience, no matter what happens. COVID-19 has got people to change the ways they have been enjoying for so long.
Since 2021 has begun, businesses are eager to know what payment methods become the next trends. In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at both mobile payment trends and online payment trends for 2021.
‘Buy Now Pay Later’ is the New Consumer Norm
This option was essentially used for eCommerce platforms but today it has become a mandatory facility for all sorts of businesses.

To encourage customers to take their purchase back home first, businesses now offer a new payment solution. If you like their products, you can pay whenever you want to. Everything becomes affordable with later payment options. This advanced system has nothing to do with interests or service charges, and also offers easy installment plans for consumers.

Biometric Payment

Biometric payments have to be the most used payment method these days. As you might know, the biometric payment gateway uses biological authentication to identify people. Customers can also pay via eye recognition, fingerprint and facial recognition.

Since it has unique biological verifications, it has become more useful for consumers, safety guidelines in the pandemic is an exception for biometrics. Consumers believe it is a safe and secure way to pay their dues in the year 2021.

Digital Payments with Artificial Intelligence

Although buyers use digital payments to purchase, they still fear the threat of cybercrimes. Several online businesses are trying to get support from AI to get rid of cybercrimes.

Payments are faster and safer with artificial intelligence, while business owners provide customers with a better experience.

While there are companies that offer different solutions, the fear of cybercrime and fraud still prevail. With a little assistance from AI, organizations can provide security to their customers.
No doubt that AI is the systematic payment gateways that will rule 2021 as well.

Open Interfaces Between Various Banks

A handful of audiences use cards to purchase these days. Instead, it is easier for them to integrate their bank accounts for a quick, smooth experience.

In fact several businesses have offered payment gateways for consumers to open interfaces. Customers can transfer payments, split bills or make payments freely.

Winding Up

There is a future for digital and mobile payments. We will be able to find digital and mobile payments to replace physical payment methods in 2021.
New patterns will replace many conventional payment methods. In industries such as retail, hospitality and restaurants, these developments will play a vital role.
What do you think will be the payment trend this year. Share your thoughts by writing an email:


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