Ideas to Surprise Your Boyfriend On This Valentine’s Day


If you are planning a special outing for her on this Valentine’s Day, make sure your girlfriend gets overwhelmed with joy. Depending on her interests and likes, there are several romantic indoor and outdoor options for couple dates.

Ideas to Surprise Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

Here’s a pro tip: level up your romantic plan and blindfold her while you drive, leave her completely clueless so she doesn’t know to expect. As everything and place is taken on and around Valentine’s Day, just make sure all the arrangements and reservations are done in advance.

A Lovely Outdoor Adventure

Find out how adventurous she is and set up a romantic outdoor date only if your girlfriend is willing to go out and explore. Check out the weather and the distance to your destination. Some of the options you have include hiking, camping, boating, hitting the slopes and kayaking. Any outdoor gear on her wish list, such as a sleeping bag or a thermal water bottle, may be a perfect gift to combine with this date.

Retro-Style Date

How about some roller skating rinks, carnivals, arcades, diners, and drive-in movie theatres for a lively and oddly charming Valentine’s Day. Select one location and get ready separately, even if you’re staying together. Go to her with flowers in your hand and pick her up like a gentleman. Have some milkshakes and fries and spend some lovely time out.

Out of Town Retreat

Plan for a getaway with your partner on a weekend and live the dreams together. Look for a place and gear up for a road trip. If you’re still not there for a weekend-long outing in your relationship, a friendly day trip to a nearby city is a reasonable choice.

Fancy Dance Party

Throw her a one-on-one Valentine’s Day dance if the love of your life likes to dance. Not everybody is into dancing, so it should be something she enjoys before you make your plans. Shuffle up a strong combination of fast and slow tracks. Start with a slow pace and she’ll have those memorable school butterflies dancing all over again.

A Lovely, Personal Card

By making one from scratch, take your Valentine’s card to an artist level. Try on the cover for a poetic title and fill your card with sweet words, memories and about the day you met her. A DIY card is also a good alternative for presents, especially couples who don’t care much about giving gifts.

Always Remember

When arranging your Valentine’s Day surprise for your love, bear in mind her likes, your experiences with her on dates and the time you’ve spent being in a relationship. If you feel lost or pressed for time, leave the pros with presents and have them deliver a stunning new gift that she’ll appreciate. Don’t think too much about the gift you send or the planned date, you know her best and have the best idea of what’s going to make her happy.

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