What is Snyder Cut? How is it Different From the Original Justice League?


What difference does extra two hours make?

The four-hour epic “Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” a.k.a. The Snyder Cut has already been streamed several times by millions of superhero fans. From the visual effects and music to the character who saves the day, this film is different from the Joss Whedon-directed theatrical version of “Justice League” that premiered in 2017.

Following are the biggest differences in the Snyderverse.

Black-suited Superman

When Superman appears to help balance the scales in the Justice League’s fight against Steppenwolf, one of the most startling visual variations in the Snyder Cut occurs. When Superman eventually appears, he doesn’t tell Steppenwolf he believes in “truth and justice”; instead, he swoops in to save Cyborg from a mighty swoop of Steppenwolf’s ax, proving he is the Man of Steel.

The all-black Kryptonian suit, with a black cape and a silver House of El “S” on the chest, is particularly impressive. When “Justice League” was in development, Henry Cavill shared a glimpse on social media, but it was one of the things Warner Bros. and DC opted against for the theatrical release, opting instead for an even lighter red and blue suit than the one used in “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”


Steppenwolf’s appearance has shifted from humanoid to threatening and alien. He is the main antagonist in the theatrical release, but he makes only a passing reference to why he is attempting to take over Earth. Steppenwolf’s true mission in the Snyder Cut is to regain the favour of classic DC villain Darkseid, who makes his first appearance in this edition.

Steppenwolf gets a much more violent ending in the Snyder Cut. As he fails to stop the Justice League, they throw him around, punching him before Wonder Woman uses her sword to decapitate him.


Darkseid is DC’s answer to Thanos. Many fans felt Darkseid’s absence in the theatrical cut was a big miss, assuming that his inclusion would be the impetus for the Justice League’s merger, but instead, all the focus was focused on a much less formidable Steppenwolf. And, let’s face it, Darkseid is the villain that people have been waiting for the Justice League to face. Not one of his minions.

The Flash

The Flash is the team’s goofball in both versions, but to say his character in the Snyderverse is different would be an understatement.

As Darkseid’s three Mother Boxes combine and set off a planet-destroying explosion in the Snyder Cut, the bad guys win for a split second, threatening the destruction of all life on Earth. The Flash, on the other hand, is so fast that he vibrates through the moment at super-speed, slowing time down.

The Flash then suggests himself that he must break the unbreakable rule to travel faster than the speed of light in order to manipulate time and undo the damage. It’s the kind of world-saving moment you’d expect from one of the Justice League’s heavy hitters (Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman), but the Snyder Cut’s greatest surprise comes from DC’s fastest man alive.

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